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Brendan came to know about GS in 1986 when his nephew was unable to sleep and was brought to a “quack” who advised his parents to move the child's bed; to the amazement of everyone the child started to sleep. Years later a good friend of Brendan, Eugene Corcoran, became ill and was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma we later discovered he was sleeping over GS.



Brendan’s first on-air discussion about GS was in 1997 when Alan Maguire of South East Radio invited him for an interview.  Maguire had heard about what he did and thought it would be of interest to his listeners. During the interview, Brendan offered Alan an on-air test of a house where someone was sick to see if he could tell what bed the person slept in and the part of the body that had the problem. Maguire agreed and arranged a test, during the test Brendan chose a double bed that had a GS line of strength level 8 passing through it and said that the person who slept on the left side of the bed would have problems in their hips or privates and the person who slept on the right side would have problems in their knees. He was then informed that the woman who slept on the left side had both her hips replaced and the man who slept on the other side had one knee replaced.


Maguire was amazed by the accuracy of Brendan’s indication and decided to get another house tested on the show. He requested anyone that had cancer and would be willing to have their house tested on air to contact the radio station and they would arrange to bring Brendan to their house. About two weeks later, Brendan was taken to the house. This time also he picked a double bed, but with the chest on one side and the hips or privates at the other side.  The line was 9 in this case, which meant that there was the possibility of serious health problems. Brendan was informed that the man had slept on one side and had problems in the hips or privates and he had bowel and prostate Cancer and his wife slept on the other side and had hand been diagnosed with Breast Cancer just two days prior to the inspection…even the radio station was not aware of this. Commenting on the accuracy of the indication, Alan Maguire said to Brendan, "You have the hair standing on the back of my neck.” Brendan has conducted the same tests for many radio stations and News papers across Ireland and in every case he was correct. He has also carried out tests for Mr. Des Kelly of Hospice Ireland, The North Wexford Cancer Support, Hope in Enniscorthy and The Solas Center in Waterford he has also given a talk in Ardkeen Hospital to the doctors and nurses explaining what GS is and how it can effect your immune system. In total Brendan has now been tested a total of 83 times with 100% accuracy but still the Irish cancer society refuse to fund research into the possible connection between GS and cancer. The next time you donatte money to them ask where the money is being spent and what percentage of every Euro is being spent on looking for a cause I think you will be shocked with the answer. Surely we should be looking for the cause and not just funding treatment.

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