Effects of Geopathic Stress
Ulrik Hovmand, son of Ole Hovmand, has visited and in most cases helped thousands of people who had all been suffering from a serious illness, mainly cancer. Ulrik said 'I am astonished by the connection between illness and the location of GS lines'. The patients I visited did not have to tell me where in their body they had a pain of where their illness was. I find out where the GS lines are in relation to their beds and I calculated where the patient has cancer. I am correct in most instances, except in cases of skin cancer. I also find that people who are stressed are much more likely to get cancer when sleeping over GS places. The GS lines also have a marked effect on inherited mental illness.

Dr. E. Jenny of West German conducted experiments over many years with a total of 24,000 mice studying their behavior in GS places. The mice persistently attempted to escape from their boxes, showed weight loss, were more susceptible to spontaneous and induced tumors, had smaller litters and a higher death rate of young than control groups.

The American Nobel prize winner, Melvin Galwin who studied along with other things , the effects of carcinogenic tar on the skin of hamsters found that the hamsters did not develop cancer as anticipated until they were kept in GS places.

It is estimated that more that 4,000 medical doctors in Austria and West Germany call in dowsers to assist with their most severe cases of cancer and long -term illnesses.

At a medical congress in Baden-Baden in 1984 the harmful effects of GS was one of the topics on which most time was spent. Under the direction of Dr. Otto Bergman , a professor at the University of Vienna, Doctors, Chemists , Physicists and Biologists at the state sponsored 'Working Party for Research into Geopathic Stress Sites' have carried out tests on 985 people over two years. The test people were subject to a very thorough medical examination both before and after the test. Tests included blood sedimentation tests, measuring of electric condulance of certain muscle points, blood pressure, heart beat, breathing,skin resistance and blood circulation. In order to eliminate any 'placebo effects' the tests were organized in a double blind fashion, neither examining doctor nor the test people knew whether they had been sitting in a GS place or a neutral place. 462,421 measurements were taken in 6,943 individual tests. Although the test people were exposed to GS for only a few minutes the harmful effect could be registered in most cases. 'One can imagine the dire consequences which exposure to GS over many years could do' wrote 'Natural Medicine' which is read by doctors all over the world.

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