Geopathic Stress



Gepoathic Stress is the sole factor found to be associated with majority of serious and long lasting ailments and psychological issues.

The negative effects of GS were proven to the satisfaction of medical professionals more than 70 years ago and in numerous cases ever since.

Thousands of medical doctors as well as therapists are now of the opinion that no treatment can be considered a complete success without clearing GS.

Common Indications of GS


Common GS indications include: loss of appetite, depression, resisting medical treatment, poor health or condition, exhaustion, nervousness, feeling cold, pallor, avoiding going to bed, insomnia, falling asleep in the chair/ couch but not in bed, nightmares, sleep walking, restless sleep, cramps, tingling in the arms/legs, and teeth grinding.

You may also be experiencing GS if you feel fatigued when waking in the morning, many times with a muzzy head and an aching back. GS may also result in stiffness in the neck and shoulders. After getting a massage or some other treatment you feel great for a day or so, but then all the problems start again. Children may be experiencing GS if they are wetting their beds and babies may be experiencing it if they are continuously crying.

It is important to remember that Geopathic Stress itself is not the cause of any illness; it weakens our immune system, therefore, our body becomes less capable of fighting against illnesses.

Illnesses Associated with GS

Some illnesses associated with GS include: Cancer, Heart Problems, M.E., Asthma, P.M.S., Cot Death, MS, Motor Neuron, Various auto-immune diseases, Hyperactivity in Children, and Conception and Pregnancy Problems, Allergy to environmental pollution, food and drinks.

What is Geopathic Stress

The term Geopathic is a combination of Greek terms “Geo,” meaning of the Earth, and “pathos,” used for suffering or disease. The term Geopathic Stress (GS) is used to describe vibrations which emanate from the earth and cause harm to living beings. 

These vibrations rise upwards from their source within the earth and get distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by underground cavities, subterranean water, certain types of minerals, and fault lines. These vibrations become harmful when they get distorted and unusually high.

GS is not a scientifically measurable phenomenon, because we have not yet been able to develop any instrument that has the sensitivity and selectivity required for measuring GS vibrations.  However, several methods of GS detection in human beings are available, such as Blood Crystalline Analysis, Electro-Acupuncture and the VEGA Test. These tests can also be used to check for clearance of GS.

Geopathic Stress can vary in intensity or strength. To measure GS, a scale of 1 to 16 used. On this scale, a stress level of 1 to 3 is used for places where the GS is not strong enough to cause any harm; 4 to 8 is used where it will cause tiredness, aches and pains but will not be life threatening in any way; 9 to 16 will cause serious problems because at this level it can effect your lymphatic system, such as Cancer, MS, Motor Neuron etc.


How do I know if I'm Geopathically Stressed?

If you are finding it impossible to recover from an illness or depression, or do not have the same energy you had a few months or years ago, ask yourself:

1) Did I experience my current health problem shortly after relocating to this house or changing my work place?

2) Does my condition improve when I am not at home/work place?

3) Does anyone living with me feel uncomfortable about the home “atmosphere”?

4) What was the health condition of the previous occupants? Did they experience any major or long lasting illness?

5) Is there a change in my condition during spring or autumn or wet, stormy weather? (Your condition may worsen during these times as there may be underground water flowing with increased velocity.)

6) Could some nearby activity, such as construction and mining, have resulted in underground water veins starting to flow into various channels underneath my home before I got ill?

7) Is my house or a portion of it colder or damper than normal?

8.) Is my cat fond of my bed or chair? If it likes to sleep in my bed, does it prefer the part of the bed where I sleep. Cats and other animals such as Bees, Wasps and Ants like GS.

9.) Are there any cracks in the concrete walls or ceilings of my home or the footpaths outside it? GS can crack concrete.  

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