1. Q. Does Geopathic Stress (GS) effect upstairs or is it only the ground floor ?

    A. Yes it will pass up through all floors regardless of how high they are, it is believed they travel to the ionosphere which is about 50 km from the earth.


2. Q. Is GS the same as Radon ?

   A. No Radon is a radioactive gas particle GS is Non-Ionizing radiation. You can have GS in a room and the room can still be safe to use, it does not dissipate through air like a gas, so provided you do not sit or sleep directly above the effected area it is safe to be in a room that has GS.


3. Q. Does GS effect your sleep patterns ?

   A. Yes, during sleep your body has certain jobs it needs to have completed and GS slows or in some cases completely prevents this work from happening.


4. Q. Does GS effect children ?

    A. Yes it effects children more than adults, especially new born babies. Test carried out by the Dulwich health in London  found that 80% of cot deaths were sleeping over GS


5.  Q. Can you put something into the foundations or under the floors of a new house to stop GS from entering your house.

     A. No, at the moment there is no barrier that can be put under the floors that will work long-term, however there is a system that you can have installed outside that redirects the Geopathic Stress around your house.


6.  Q. Does GS leave my body after I move my bed ?

    A.  Yes it is estimated that in six weeks it will be gone from your body, provided you are not exposed to it during the day.


7.  Q,  Are there any tests I can have done that will show whether or not I have GS in my body ?

     A.  Yes there are a number of tests you can have done. A Blood Crystalline analysis test, Kinesiology (muscle test), Vega test and a good Iridologist can see the markers in the eye.


8.  Q.  Are there any links between infertility and exposure to GS ?

     A.  Yes many diviners including myself have found that there is GS present in over 80% of cases of miscarriage and difficulty conceiving and when it is removed many couples go on to have healthy children.


9.  Q.  Is GS in every country ?

     A.  Yes it is all over the world, I have been lucky enough to have worked now in 18 countries and I have found it in them all, however because we have such a high rainfall here and in the UK the levels here are much higher.


10.  Q. How do I know if I'm effected ?

     A.   The most common symptoms is tiredness in the morning, inability to get to sleep and waking after a few hours and unable to get back to sleep, aches and pains in the same part of your body every morning that pass after a few hours.


11.  Q.  What can I do if I have GS ?

      A.   The cheapest and easiest solution is to simply move your bed or seating are, if this is not possible there are a few options open to you but which one you use will be determined by the levels of GS you have.


12.  Q.  Driving metal bars into the ground, does this clear GS ?

      A.   Yes this will work but only short term and it can actually make it worse because it can split the GS line so you end up with two GS lines where you only had one, there are numerous devices on the market that claim to clear GS but it has been my experience that they are limited in there ability to work, however they do work very well in other countries where the GS is not as strong. There are also people claiming to be able to remove GS by saying a prayer in your home, I have been in numerous houses after these people have claimed to have removed it and I can found GS in every case.


13.  Q. Does GS effect animals ?

      A. Yes, however animals have the instinct to sense where it is and will not willingly expose themselves to it. However certain animals like GS and are attracted to it, they are cats,ants,bees and wasps. Over 4,000 years ago the Chinese put sheep and cattle into a field and would watch where they slept, this is where do would build there houses. I have tested many horse trainers yards to ensure the stables are not effected.


14.  Q. Does GS get stronger at certain times of the year ?

       A. Yes, during the winter months when rainfall is at its highest both the strength and quantity of GS lines increases. When the moon is full it also increases in strength because of the extra positively charged ion's in the atmosphere.


15.  Q. Are there different types of GS ?

      A.  Yes there are some caused by subterranean water more are called Curry lines and Hartmann lines and more are caused by mineral deposits, caves and underground caverns.


16.  Q.  How long do I have to be exposed to GS before it can cause health problems ?

      A.   This is different for everyone and it depends on the levels of GS and your lifestyle, if you drink and smoke, eat junk food, don't exercise and don't drink enough water these will all be important factors to consider. However usually if you move into a new house or change the position of your bed you will normally have a health problem within 5 yrs sometimes this can be shorter.


17.  Q.  How important is it that I don't sit over it in my office ?

      A.  GS is in the Electro-Magnetic spectrum which means it will conduct, an office chair has a metal shaft and we sit directly on top of this so it is very important that you do not position your chair over GS, if you do you will probably get health problems in your private area as this is the part of your body that is in direct contact with the seat. 


18.  Q.  How do I know which diviner to contact ?

      A.   There is no regulation in this area, so all you can do is ask for references from people where they have worked, I have been campaigning for 10 yrs now that before someone can call themselves a diviner they should be independently tested where they would be brought to a house where someone has cancer and they should be able to say which bed they sleep in and the part of the body they have the cancer and the results should be published. I have been tested more than any other diviner in the UK and Ireland and in every case I was correct.


19.  Q. What advise do you have for someone buying a new house ?

      A.  First, try to find out the health of the previous occupants, if they had serious health problems especially cancer, MS etc then either have the house tested and see how badly effected it is or look for another house. Secondly have a look outside and see if there are any mobile phone masts nearby also check for overhead power lines. If there are none of the above then it is worth considering, but always have it checked out by a professional diviner.


20.   Q.  Do GS lines move over time ?

        A. Yes they do but unfortunately we have no control over this as the earths plates are constantly shifting. Construction of buildings, quarries and road building all can cause underground caverns that the water passes through to collapse if this happens then the water pressure will increase and force a new pathway and water will always follow the path of least resistance. This will cause new GS lines to appear and existing ones to disappear.


21.   Q.  Do all houses have GS ?

        A.  No not all houses but there are a higher number of houses effected in the UK and Ireland because we have a higher rainfall than the rest of Europe, Most of the houses I tested that were build pre 1850's are free of GS.

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