Peter Tramore
I first heard about Geopathic Stress about 15 years ago when I heard Brendan Murphy doing one of his tests for WLR, I was intrigued how he was able to say which bed the cancer sufferer slept and the part of the body they had the cancer but I thought my family and myself were all relatively healthy and we didn't need to get this test done. Roll on 12 yrs and my sister rang me one day and said she had someone coming to test her house for Geopathic stress and asked if I wanted mine tested so I said why not. She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and was ruling out every possible cause and Gs was next on the list, I never even thought of asking who was coming to do the test. 
The day arrived and my sister brought this person (I wanted to give there name but Brendan asked me not to) to my house they proceeded to test my home and said I had Gs but that they could remove it for €350 I said yes and they placed a copper wire joined in a circle about three inches in diameter at different intervals around my house. I was very sceptical about how this could work and when I questioned them they gave an explanation but it didn't make any sense to me but I wanted to support my sister and said nothing more and allowed them to finish and they left. My sister told me afterwards that she had no Gs in her bedroom but she still had this work carried out. 
Thankfully my sister recovered from the cancer but unfortunately it has now returned this time worse than before she had to have a double mastectomy, the whole family is distraught. Then a friend told me about his neighbour that has cancer and had Brendan Murphy in to test there house and he advised moving there bed, which they did and they noticed a huge improvement in both there health and sleep quality. They then decided to get Brendan back to take the Gs out of the house permanently, which they told me cost a couple of thousand. I said I also had it removed but it only cost €350. I called in to see them and told them this but they were adamant that it was money well spent and that they all noticed improvements in health and they asked if I noticed any improvement after I had my work done and when I thought about it we didn't notice any change and neither did my sister. 
Curiosity got the better of me and I asked for Brendan's phone number and I rang him and arranged for him to come to my house. When he arrived I choose not to tell him that I already had the Gs cleared. When he started to walk around outside my house and I seen his rods turning in his hands my mouth dropped and when he went inside one of the lines went across my bed and crossed over my wife's shoulders and he asked if she was having trouble with them which she said she was. He then advised moving our bed, which we did there and then. Everything Brendan said made sense and when I asked questions which I did he answered all of them in great detail and I slowly started to trust him and realised this man has a very deep understanding of his work and how we are damaging our health with our modern lifestyle. I then came clean and told him everything he immediately asked if my sister had changed the position of her bed I told him she didn't need to that she wasn't sleeping over Gs. He then offered to test her home for free, which he did and she was sleeping over Gs across her chest my sister broke down in tears realising she had been sleeping in Gs while thinking she had it removed. She also moved her bed and within two days noticed her sleep improve. I'm not going to go into how upset we all are as a family thinking what if I think you can work that out. Brendan charged me €150 for testing my house and charged my sister nothing and we believe saved her life and we as a family will be forever indebted to him. I'm happy to be able to report my sister had her operation and has made a full recovery. 

Emma Barron Butler
A couple of years ago I would have laughed at the idea that lines in the ground could have an effect on my health. But I’d spent years depending on sleeping tablets to help me get a good night sleep and trying to get pregnant again without any luck. Then when cancer developed in my cervix I was willing to give anything a shot, I’d heard of Brendan Murphy before and what he did I was sceptical but we decided to ask him to our home to see if he could help me. Before Brendan even came through our door, from outside our house he was able to tell me where our bed was positioned in our room 3 floors up! He also told me the symptoms I was suffering from; poor sleep, stomach pains, general feeling of dragging myself along and also not being able to get pregnant again. When he came into our room he went right over to my side of the bed and asked me if I had cancer in my cervix – I was flabbergasted! The line was running right across my womb where we slept! I couldn’t believe it, working it out how long I was feeling this way I’d never put two and two together that I had been feeling bad and struggling to sleep since we moved into the house. We also had a child before we moved in so I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting pregnant again. Because I was worried about not getting pregnant I had some tests with my doctor and discovered I had cervical cancer, they wanted to do a Hysterectomy within 6 months. I was terrified but I wanted to give my life and health the best shot. When Brendan visited he gave me lots of advice about things I could do to help myself, I started by moving our bed out of the lines and I couldn’t believe the difference it made within a week I was feeling better and enjoyed my first good nights sleep without being knocked out by a sleeping tablet. I worked really hard on my health for those 6 months I grew Wheatgrass and juiced it every morning, I would eat noting processed, no takeaways, no sugar, no alcohol – these things would have been a big part of my life before all this. From tests I had done at the David Burke Clinic, in Waterford I removed wheat and other things from my diet that I was intolerant to he also advised me on the vitamins my body was deficient in so I took the supplements he advised. After the 6 months I had another test – it was clear! I had to wait another 6 months for another test. I enjoyed how I felt so much better so I kept up the new lifestyle. Yet again my test was clear! And I was told if I wanted to I could even start trying again for another baby! I was amazed that geopathic stress had such an effect on my life, I really did drag myself along everyday craving sleep constantly I was like a zombie. I now enjoy great health, fitness and vibrancy for life that I just didn’t have before. We moved house again recently and before we moved a piece of furniture in we asked Brendan to visit us again. Luckily we only had one line which could easily be avoided. Its now 2 years since we first met Brendan and I’m delighted to tell you the cancer is still gone and I have recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl. When he asked me would I mind writing a testimonial I jumped at the chance to be able to do something for a man who done so much for me. If your reading this website your probably considering having the test done, I don’t know what has brought you to this point but I hope you go the extra step and contact Brendan. It really was the starting point in how I turned my life around and I hope your as lucky as I am! Emma Butler

G Byrne Carlow
I moved into my house in 2001 about a year after I noticed my energy levels starting to decrease and every morning waking with a fuzzy head. A friend of mine told me about Geopathic Stress and said that she had Brendan Murphy over to test her house and that after she moved her beds around they all slept better. So I decided to move my bed and see if it made any difference and to my surprise my fuzzy head stopped. However after a month or so I noticed my stomach was giving me a lot of problems so I decided to call Brendan in to have a look at my house, unfortunately he said it would be a month before he could get to me so I decided to get someone else, I was told about an old man from Wicklow so I contacted him. He found an underground river beneath my bed and said I needed to drive metal bars into the ground outside to stop them coming into the house. I asked if this would correct my problem he assured me that it would so I decided to go with that. I then moved my bed back to it's original position. A few weeks went by and I noticed my fuzzy head starting again in the morning but now my daughter was beginning to complain about having a sick stomach also in the morning. Over the coming months my fuzzy head started turning into headache's and my daughter aged 12 was still complaining of sick stomach especially in the morning. I began to wonder if it had anything to do with the bars that we put down outside so I asked the diviner to come back which he did and he again assured me that everything was fine. A year or so went by and the same problems persisted except now I was very fatigued and found it difficult to hold down a full time job. I was attending the doctor regularly for myself and my daughter and nothing seemed to be working. I then got tired of handing over money to the doctor's and pharmacy and began to look to alternative medicine. I went to accupunture reiki homeopath's I tried them all and they all helped for a short time but my problems kept coming back, and one of them suggested getting my house checked for GS I said I had already had it done but they told me that these lines can move so I looked on the internet and found a man in Kilkenny.  He came out a few days later and told me my house was full of GS except for my daughters room which was clear, and I needed to put metal bars down outside to correct the house and that he could do it for me for €250 I said no as nothing he said made sense. At this point I was fed up spending money and nothing seemed to work. In 2011 I heard Brendan Murphy being interviewed on radio and decided to give him another call he gave me an appointment for about a month later. He asked if my husband could be there on the day I said he doesn't believe in any of this but Brendan said he doesn't mind that and said he would prefer if he was there he also said he didn't want to be told anything about any of the occupants which I found refreshing as the last man wanted a medical history almost.  Brendan arrived out and gave us an explanation of what it was that he does and proceeded to start outside. My husband accompanied him when the got back inside Brendan proceeded to go from room to room explaining things as he went. He got to my daughter's room and asked if she was suffering with stomach problems we said she did, he told us to move the bed to the opposite wall. He went to my son's bedroom and Brendan's device I don't remember what he called it stared to make noise near the head of his bed and he said that the stereo was too close to his bed and that he needed to keep it further away from his head. When he got to my room he found two lines running parallel one of which was the same line that was passing through my daughter's bed, and there was an EMF at the head of my bed he said it was coming from the meter box outside. None of the other men I had to check my house found this, Brendan told me I needed to move my bed under the window. We then decided to tell him that we had two other men test the house before and that one of them drove bars into the ground outside, he said he thought that because the two lines that were running parallel usually only happen where you have put bars down and split the original line and that they make a problem worse it was only then that I realised that my daughters problem only started after I had those bars driven into the ground.  Its now one year on afer Brendan's visit and I'm happy to be able to say that my daughter is in very good health her stomach was fine after about a week, my headaches are a thing of the past and my energy levels are normal.  The lesson here is that there are lots of people advertising that they can divine and locate Geopathic Stress however as I learned the hard way most of them cannot.  My advise get Brendan even if you have to wait a little longer than you would for the rest of them. I hate to think how my daughter's and my health would be if we had not used his services. Ps : my husband who was a total sceptic now has told more people about Brendan than I have :-) happy days Thank you for all your help Brendan

P Whitty Wexford
I, at the time was being checked for an Autoimmune disorder Lupus, suffered terrible with migraines at least 2/3 a week, the Auras (before a migraine headache really bad vision blurred lines zig-zagging) were just terrible I would have to stop the car till they past as I could not see.  Chronic Fatigue, fuzzie head, just feeling awful. The pains in my shoulders were just dragging me down I constantly had to take painkillers.  I had suffered 3 miscarriages, one at 12 weeks.  My husband was tired all the time and had no energy, he was getting colds and flu’s on a regular basis.   I must admit that when I first heard about Geopathic Stress I was dubious.  But as they say knowledge is power.  My mother gave me information about Geopathic Stress that Brendan Murphy put together.  I was fascinated by it and so was my husband.  I was really impressed with the sort of people that gave testimonials some of which I knew would not suffer fools lightly.     I booked an appointment.  He walked around the outside of our home with 2 metal rods and then proceeded inside.  He occasionally took out a blue coloured stone; he explained to me what he was doing and what he was finding.  Our house had a number of lines.  Some meeting which he called vortex’s. My kitchen where I spend a lot of time cooking and baking had a vortex right by my cooker and island where I stand to prepare food.  One of these lines continued into my spare bedroom downstairs and the other went straight down my kitchen into my living space.  My sense of direction is not good, but I knew that our bedroom was directly over the kitchen. In the spare bedroom this line met with another one causing a vortex in this room near the bottom of the bed.  This other line continued into our sitting room.  So this meant that upstairs was the same as downstairs, giving a vortex at the top of our heads and a line of 9 going down my husband’s side of the bed. Our bed has a metal frame which meant the line of 9 was in our bed.  Our other room upstairs followed that of our spare room downstairs. Basically it all meant that our home was riddled with Geopathic Stress, something I now knew I did not want in our home.  We discussed options, all our bedrooms were affected, one side of our sitting room was safe, we could change it to a bedroom, Brendan suggested that in the main bedroom we could when we were ready for bed move the bed and push the bed up against the door. I did not like any of these suggestions. It still meant that my kitchen and living space were affected.   I understood about the water line the system Brendan used to clear my home.  3 weeks later Brendan installed one for us.  Now 2 years on, we actually sleep really well at night. We wake up feeling rested, energised. My husbands energy is much better and he hasn’t had a sniffle in the 2 years.  I do have an autoimmune disorder not Lupus thankfully a sister to it Antiphosphillipid Syndrome. My shoulder pains are gone completely I have had 2 migraines in 2 years, (eating real chocolate).  I feel like a new woman.  I work with small children who come to me when they are sick, tummy bugs, colds, flu’s, coughing, sneezing.  I have not been sick or had the flu since we put in the water line, I’m not saying you don’t get sick but your immune system is much stronger and better able to cope with the bugs and flu’s.  Ya I get a bit of a sore throat but it clears up as quick nothing major.  I do still suffer from chronic fatigue, a symptom of what I have.  I trust my body and listen to it when I need to rest I rest, and I know that I’m getting the best kind of rest now in my Geopathic Stress free home.

I am writing this note in praise of Brendan Murphy. I first heard about Brendan through our local radio station South East Radio.

In 1995 out of the blue, I suffered a stroke at forty years of age. This really hit me hard and left me paralised in my left side for a year. I fought back as bravely as I could and with determination I learned to walk again and function normally.

My high blood pressure was an ongoing problem which left me on quiet a lot of medication. In 2008 I received another stroke which left me struck down again. This left me fighting another battle and again after a lot of effort I got going again back to a normal life.

At this stage I decided to contact Brendan Murphy and asked him to check out my home. Brendan did not know me or any of my circumstances. When he came and checked my home he found a line of Geopathic Stress running right through our home which was passing right through my pillow where I was sleeping and even at the table where I sat eating my meals. Also both my parents slept in that room and both of them died at relatively young ages from cancer.

I am so pleased with the work that Brendan has done in our home. I have received a new boost of energy, I walk three miles every day, I swim once a week and I go dancing two nights a week.

I am still taking medication for high blood pressure but at least it has stabilised. People who do not know me would not believe I have suffered two strokes.

I genuinely and honestly believe that the work that Brendan carried out on our home has had a significant positive impact on my health and quality of life.

I would reccomend Brendan Murphy to everybody who wishes to have there home checked out for Geopathic Stress. Brendan is a lovely guy with a great gift. He will tell you if you have a problem with Geopathic Stress in your home and will sort it out for you. His approach is always friendly and helpful.

Signed Lena
Wexford 20/4/2011

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18th March 2011

I know Brendan Murphy for at least 10 years and in that time I've been concious of the good work he does in advancing the awareness in the field of Geopathic Stress.

Prior to having this phenomena of Geopathic Stress explained to me by Brendan and the health implications therein, I would have been the ultimate doubting Thomas.

I have seen the evidence and the results of his endeavours and I consider these to be truly amazing.

Seriously ill people's health improves by trusting in his talent of divining and establishing where the dangers lie in working premises and homes. Serious consideration should be given to his advise and I would recommend him and that you act on his instructions.

Tony Fitzgerald

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