Big Attendance at Stress Meeting
Big Attendance at Stress Meeting Source : The Farmers Journal (August 19, 2000).
By Karina Colgan.

On tuesday an audience of people watched an exclusive screening of a new documentary about Geopathic Stress at the Ferrycarrig Hotel in Wexford.

The documentary, called 'Sleeping With The Enemy', explains about the effects that this has on our health and clearly shows that prolonged exposure to it can have serious consequences. The earth emits a natural radiation. In its natural state it is beneficial to us. However,if it passes through features such as contaminated underground water streams or certain mineral concentrations, it can become distorted. This distorted energy is called Geopathic Stress and if you are exposed to this for long periods of time it can cause immune system problems.

Geopathic Stress diviner, Brendan Murphy was delighted with the reaction. He said: "After almost seven years of telling people about this, I think people are finally taking notice. It's going to be difficult for the medical profession to ignore Geopathic Stress as a possible cause of long term illnesses such as cancer, MS and sleep problems in babies and adults.

"In the documentary expert scientist, Roger Coghill provides conclusive evidence that exposing the body to electromagnetic fields,such as Geopathic Stress will cause immune system problems.

He explains that everyday we lose about 500 million cells and at night our brain signals to the body instructing it to replace them. If these signals are interfered with by electromagnetic fields then new cells aren't created which will eventually lead to ill health.

But Roger pointed out that getting Geopathic Stress accepted within the scientific and medical communities will not be easy. Imagine you are an established scientist with hundreds of papers to your credit over many years. If someone comes along with a new idea, which knocks all yours on the head, you wouldn't want that to happen. So you tend not to let new ideas into the scientific armoury. That is why innovative research isn't happening today.

Anne Hardy, a medical historian at University College London, also points out the implications of scientists admitting that Geopathic Stress is a problem. It may mean restructuring whole cities or laws suits against developers for building over Geopathic Stress lines. You could be talking about an extraordinary social revolution. And I think it's a consciousness of those kind of issues that will prevent science from researching it as thoroughly as it may deserve.".

The documentary was produced by independent production company MachTen Ltd. Producer James Richings said: "When I first considered making a film about this subject it was from a very objective viewpoint. I didn't believe it at all. But over the past 18months I've tested Brendan on many occasions both in the UK and Ireland. I think his results, coupled with the scientific evidence, is enough proof that this subject needs a lot more serious research".

This claim is backed in the documentary by Bio-Chemist, Cillin Cleere. He said 'you can't ignore the fact that Geopathic Stress is a causative agent in a lot of disease and a lot of ill health. The problem that the scientific community have is with the method of detection. A guy swinging two copper rods around generally doesn't go down too well. But if you could make a device that you could put two AA batteries in and it would make a beep to indicate you have Geopathic Stress then that would be acceptable!

The documentary will hopefully be screened later this year on Irish television, but a date has yet to be set. For more information you can visit Brendan Murphy's website at
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