Diviner finds stress lines in 'cancer cluster' estate
Diviner finds stress lines in 'cancer cluster' estate

SHE CAN'T say for certain if it played a part in her breast cancer, but Rita Duggan is clearly disturbed that a geopathic stress line ran right through the bed she slept in when she was diagnosed.

A cancer survivor, the Liam Mellows Park resident is one of several from the area who have had Kilmyshall diviner Brendan Murphy (right) examine their homes for geopathic stress lines and vortices.

'He was very accurate. He went through my house, and went to a bedroom in the attic and said there was a geopathic stress line going across the bed,' said Rita.

'He said to me that he bet I had trouble with my chest. I told him then I had breast cancer,' said Rita, who adds that she no longer sleeps in the bedroom where the stress lines fall.

Rita had previously had her house tested for Radon gas because of the high incidence of cancer victims in Liam Mellows Park. That test returned 'normal'.

While she says she can't be sure if geopathic stress led to her cancer she found Brendan's divination compelling.

' There was no reason for my cancer. There is no family history of it,' she said, adding that the geopathic stress result was ' very interesting'.

'Rearranging the furniture is not going to do me any harm, and it might be of help to my health,' she said.

Brendan Murphy was invited to Liam Mellows Park to check some of the houses as a follow on from public meetings seeking to find an answer to why there is such a high number of cancer patients from the area.

Brendan has so far visited 13 houses at the request of organisers Kevin Cogley and Lindsi Forde.

' There are a lot of geopathic stress lines in that estate, way more than usual,' he said adding that he has not charged people for his advice. 'I don't charge. I can see first hand the pain and misery that comes when people get sick. I like to be able to help,' he said.

Once the geopathic stress lines are identified, Brendan said the problem can be easily rectified. ' It's as simple as moving the bed. It's not a gas, it doesn't dissipate. Moving a bed from one wall to another can do the trick,' he said.

Campaigner, Kevin Cogley has said that people from the Liam Mellows Park area have been eagerly volunteering to have their homes checked out.

'People who have been affected by cancer have asked to be checked and there are more people waiting to get it done,' he said.

Kevin added that another public meeting, at which a DVD about geopathic stress will be aired, will be organised in the coming weeks.

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