Threat posed by geopathic stress addressed at meeting
Threat posed by geopathic stress addressed at meeting

Source : The Munster Express (August 21, 2002)
By Dermot Keyes

A public meeting held in the Dunhill GAA Centre last Wednesday evening proved a fasci­nating, if slightly alarm­ing couple of hours for those in attendance.


Addressed by geopathic stress tester Bren­dan Murphy and nurse Elaine Shaw, the assem­bly was informed of what the speakers de­scribed as a hidden dan­ger which may be endangering the health of thousands of people across the region and indeed the country as a whole. Mr. Murphy told the assembly that geo­pathic stress is an energy that occurs naturally from the earth's core and when its rays come into contact with solid objects, objects such as furniture distort its en­ergy pattern. According to, geopathic stress, has a strong effect on the correct functioning of the lymphatic system," which transports lym­phocytes and antibodies which fight and destroy foreign cells in the body, such as bacteria, viruses or cancer cells. The text continues: "If the lym­phatic system is not healthy, it is unable to destroy foreign cells, thus enabling cancer cells to grow and multiply. Your whole immune sys­tem is weakened."


Mr. Murphy cited the example of an ill friend, whose experiences led to his own exploration of the topic of geopathic stress. Over 90 per cent of people who have can­cer are sleeping over geo­pathic stress areas," he claimed. "I first became involved in the whole area over six years ago...(his friend) was get­ting blood every two weeks to treat his Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma as his body simply could not manufacture blood and he needed four units of blood every two weeks. His newborn child had woken him up in the middle of the night and he went into the spare room to sleep, and his manufacturing rate went up after sleeping there a few nights...over a five-month period (the manufacturing rate) had continued to rise...the only thing that had chan­ged in that space of time was his sleeping area. He then moved back into his own room and the rate dropped again. His body had completely shut down again. He started researching why this had happened and he con­cluded that there was geopathic stress in his regular sleeping area and there was no such stress in the spare room, which convinced him of geopathic stress." Mr. Murphy said that geo­pathic stress lines varied in intensity, from 0-3, which was an acceptable level, 4-8 which indicated a to be avoided area and 9-16, which ranked as serious. Brendan Mur­phy advised those pre­sent not "to sleep over the same area of earth as a person who had died of cancer" but added "just because a person sleeps on one of the same (stress) lines doesn't ne­cessarily mean that per­son will get cancer".


So what scientific proof, if any, did Bren­dan Murphy have at his disposal to support what appeared to be pretty conclusive evidence in relation to geopathic stress? "There is no scien­tific proof if you won't spend money on re­search," he told The Munster Express at the meeting. Several consul­tations with the Irish Cancer Society had pro­ven fruitless. "Dr Desmond Carey of the Irish Cancer Society said that the methods I had used to identify geopathic stress were Stone Age," said Mr. Murphy and were therefore inconclu­sive. Both Brendan Mur­phy and Ms. Shaw, who later spoke about the importance of nutrition and the dangers posed by bottled water (especially a leading Irish brand which she said should be avoided due to the high estrogen rate in its plastic bottling), hoped that the Department of Health and the newly elected T.D.'s in the area would engage with the concerns expressed by those present at the meeting.


What could be done to reduce the threat posed by geopathic stress? "By simply mov­ing the position of your bed you can greatly re­duce the effects of geo­pathic stress," said Brendan Murphy. "It has been frightening to see how accurate and how dreadful discovering these geopathic stress lines can prove to be for people who have experi­enced illness or lost loved ones through cancer," he added. "A multi-wave oscillator can also dis­perse the effects of geo­pathic stress in cases where people simply can­not change the positions of their beds."


* Further reports on geopathic stress and a more in-depth feature on the potential threat posed by geopathic stress feature in future editions of The Munster Express. Readers can avail of further information on the issue by logging onto


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