Uncrossing life's stress lines
Uncrossing life's stress lines

Source : The Farmers Journal (August 19, 2000).
By Karina Colgan.

THE Chinese knew about Geopathic Stress lines over 4,000 years ago and avoided building houses over them. Ancient civilisations around the world never built homes on these lines because they had the land they intended to build on divined first. Brendan Murphy from Co. Wexford was introduced to the theory by a friend.

"I first became interested in Geopathic Stress in 1996, after a friend of mine introduced me to Des Hill from Wicklow who has been divining for over 60 years. I spent a lot of time with Des and he taught me an awful lot. He was my mentor," Brendan explained. "The first thing I checked was my own house and to my horror, I was getting lines everywhere. I asked Des to come and check it and he confirmed my findings. They were so bad I had to put a neutraliser into my house."

A neutraliser, Brendan explained, works through the wiring system of a house and sends out a constant signal of 7,83 hertz to ensure the earth's energy doesn't change and cause Geopathic Stress. A neutraliser is only needed in severe cases which are thankfully few and far between.

"If the earth's energy changes it causes Geopathic  Stress. The brain interacts with all the cells in the body at a rate of 7,83 hertz. If you are sleeping on one of these lines, what happens is that part of your body is vibrating at a higher frequency. The first symptom of this is tiredness which is often followed by immune system problems. These lines don't cause illness, but they have been shown to be capable of affecting the earth energies and consequently the health and well-being of people working or living with them," Brendan explained.

Many countries take Geopathic  Stress very seriously. For example, in Austria and Germany, before a house or a school is built, the site is checked for Geopathic  Stress. The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture employs diviners on a permanent basis as does UNESCO and all major American water and pipeline companies.

Geopathic  Stress and other factors such as Electromagnetic Stress can be detected by dowsing (sometimes known as divining and traditionally used for finding water and minerals) using dowsing rods and/or a pendulum. A sensitive person experienced in dowsing techniques is able to detect tangible and less tangible factors, often below the earth's surface, which may be interfering with natural earth energies.

Brendan says everyone is born with instinctive, intuitive or psychic gifts, but few people choose to use them, relying instead on intellectual arguments that fail to sense beneficial or harmful energies around them. So essentially, you could be sensing Geo¬pathic Stress but writing it off as being something else.

Brendan uses metal rods when divining and will on average perform 15 divinings every week. His work takes him from his home in Bunclody all over the country. He is quick to point out that more often than not a simple thing like moving a bed is enough to eliminate the problem.

He has divined over 60 farms and says that a good place to build a house is where the sheep and cattle he. "Animals are very sensitive to Geopathic Stress and will go out of their way to avoid contact with the lines," he emphasised. "I've had cases where it has been necessary to move animals out of sheds and stables. If animals are homed in a certain area, they have no freewill to move away from the lines."

Brendan Murphy may be contacted at 086 2774312.

'Divine' intervention!

Wexford farmers John and Liz Atkinson had their home and farmyard divined by Brendan earlier this year. Their children had been experiencing health problems and they had also noticed some of the cattle were behaving oddly. They were pretty sceptical, but decided they had nothing to lose by Brendan taking a look. "l had heard of divining for wells and that kind of thing, but I had never heard of Geopathic Stress," John said. "l knew something was up, but didn't know what it was.

"In 1998, our son John who was 11 at the time, began complaining of a sore ankle," Liz explained. "He played a lot of sport and I brushed it off as being related to this. A short time later he moved bedroom and the problem disappeared. I didn't connect this with his injury healing up. Our other son Martin who was eight at the time, then moved into the bedroom and almost immediately began complaining his ankle was sore. He stayed in the room and spent his time moving between the two single beds there.

"When Brendan came to divine the house last January, he found a stress line running right across the end of the bed around the place where the their ankles would have been. Brendan found smaller stress lines running through the other bedrooms but these were not causing any problems," she said.

"We went outside to the farmyard and into the cubicle house which had been freshly spread with lime two days previously. I had noticed that the cows didn't seem to be using three cubicles in particular. When Brendan went into the cubicles the lime was still untouched," she explained.

"Brendan confirmed that a stress line was passing through these cubicles and that was the reason the cows refused to sleep there. The lime was untouched because the cows had stood on the back step refusing to lie down in these cubicles. We have 49 cubicles and 47 cows and to this day, the cattle refuse to lie in any of the three affected cubicles," said John.

"I couldn't believe it when the cows had freedom of choice to sleep in whatever cubicle they wished, yet none of them would sleep in those three cubicles. It's very hard to try and explain. I was very sceptical, but after Brendan came I was very glad he had. There has been a drastic improvement," John enthused. "I would say to people who are sceptical and who are experiencing problems either on the farm or in their home, that it makes good business sense. It is a visit worthwhile and can do a lot of good."

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